Photech Environmental Solution Inc .

Industries Serviced

Chances are we can help if your company has to manage hazardous waste in any way, but we have particular success in the following areas:

Manufacturing – we have saved millions of dollars for leading auto, consumer products companies in North America – tell us about your business; let us propose a plan.

Light & Heavy Industrial – every processor using chemicals has felt the increase in disposal fees of even the most common chemicals – perhaps we can offer a recycled option.

Government / Institutional – we understand government’s new ROI focus – we work with municipalities, province’s, NGO’s, and school boards to stretch every dollar of funding.

Universities & Colleges – our expertise in “small quantity” technical work, as well as our outstanding service, makes us an ideal partner.

Medical – whether you are an Ontario hospital, or a one-dentist practice, Photech began in the non-biological medical waste vertical.

Printing – we have helped textile, offset, and digital printers deal with compliance and disposal while trimming costs.